About us

Anchusa Care was founded in 2016 with the vision of providing excellent quality care without compromise.  The Anchusa Care Team is made up of people who really do care about the services we deliver, ensuring that those that need support receive it in a way that has a positive impact on their lives.   Although we are a new provider, the office team has 42 years of experience in the sector and we share the same passion and values for delivering care to the highest standards.  Anchusa Care is a family run business that provides local care staff to local clients.  Our offices are in Hitchin Town Centre and we have an open door policy for both clients and our care staff, welcoming you anytime.

Anchusa Care is named after the Founder’s (Kelly Wagg) Grandparent’s house – Anchusa House.  It was a place of love, laughter, kindness, patience and creativity and where Kelly’s late Grandma looked after her late Grandfather with advanced dementia.  Anchusa is a small blue flower and it is this that has been adopted as the Anchusa Care logo.