I have been working for Anchusa Care since January 2017. This is by far the best company I have worked for in the 8 years of my caring career. Management and staff are by far the most caring, considerate, flexible, kindest and hardworking I have met. They go above and beyond to meet service user, as well as staff,  needs. Feedback from staff is taken on board by management and opinion and thoughts are always considered. Work is based effectively to the individual ensuring enough time is given where needed for service users so a job can be carried out properly and thoroughly following all correct guidelines and procedures put in place, ensuring the safety of both service users and staff. Regular supervisions take place and any issues risen are definitely dealt with appropriately. Hard work is recognised and you are praised and appreciated and this doesn't just happen in a supervision Encouragement and direction is given also to help you progress in your job area with full support from all the staff team. I really enjoy working for this company. Best thing i have ever done. Its not just a company to care, its a company who goes above and beyond and works to the highest values possible.

Allissa Batson, Carer

I was very impressed with all of the carers that came to my dad's house. They were all thoughtful, listened to him and made sure that he took the correct medication at the right time.

On more than one occasion they chased the district nurses for him when he was waiting for their visits to bring him new supplies. They were professional and compassionate & I would recommend Anchusa to anybody.

Tony Hawley

Tony Hawley, Father of client

I started to work for Anchusa Care in February. Before I started I had a week of training with Nicola. I'm not very good with speaking out in front of a class and getting involved with things but Nicola made me feel very comfortable. Kelly is the manger and she is the best and loveliest manager I've ever had. She is always there for you if you need her. Same with Nicola and Rita, they are lovely people to work with. We are like one big happy family. All the staff I have met are brilliant as well, there is no nastiness  in the company. I could honestly  say it is the best company I have worked for. I enjoy my job very much. I bet a lot  of people could not say that about their job.

Helen Stacey, Employee